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Wilcox Tree Service is a full service tree company that can handle any job, big or small.

"Dustin and his crew rescued my family's summer cottage and a barn from a microburst in Nelson this summer. They are highly skilled, personable and reasonably priced. I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation!"  -Jay Giffin, Nelson NH

"Dustin and his team are punctual, professional and meticulous. A+"  -Ben O.



Some of the Services we provide are as follows:


24/7 Emergency Services - When bad weather hits, we’re prepared for the worst. In the unfortunate case that you have a tree emergency, give us a call we’ll be ready to help.  603-363-8197

Trimming/Pruning - The most common reason for trimming a tree is to maintain clearance around structures and to remove dead branches. Pruning is also important to the health of the tree, helping to ensure that the tree is structurally sound and can withstand the harsh New England weather.

Utility line clearance - Most power companies trim around the main power lines, but often they do not take care of service lines (from the telephone pole to your house). Keeping these lines clear from branches and small trees is essential to keeping them safe and providing un-interrupted service.

Hazardous tree removal - When trees reach the end of their lifespan they need to be removed to ensure the safety of its surroundings. The safest, most effective way of taking a tree down, is with the help of equipment. This also ensures minimal property damage. We own our own crane, which often gives us an edge over our competition. Sometimes accessing trees with equipment is not an option and the tree needs to be climbed and roped down. With years of climbing experience, we can safely and efficiently handle this, as well.

Stump grinding/removal - When a tree is taken down, the stump is left behind. Depending on the location of the stump, it might be an eyesore or in your way. We can grind the stump below grade or, if necessary, we can remove the stump roots and all.

View Cuts - Views add value and appearance to your property. Whether its cutting off a few limbs to get a better view of the lake, or removing trees to get a better look at the mountains, we can handle it all.

Land Clearing - When the time comes to expand your yard or build a house, give us a call. With our 18” chipper and access to heavy equipment, we can quickly and efficiently clear your property of brush and trees.

Crane services - Along with tree removal, our 17-ton crane with up to a 135’ reach is ideal for setting trusses, cupolas, etc. It is smaller than some of the other cranes in the area, often making it easier to get in and onto your construction site.

Snowplowing/Sanding - Its no secret that New Hampshire can be home to some brutal winters. We provide residential and commercial snowplowing along with salting/ sanding to ensure your parking lot or driveway remains safe and accessible.

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Pruning - Trimming - Stump Grinding